Hx35 exhaust housing size

hx35w the 2. Holset 12cm Non-Wastegated Turbine Housing. Exhaust housing. 94-98 HX35's are 8blade compressor 54mm x 83mm, turbine 58mm, 12cm^2 dual volute wastegated housing. 5 and really wakes it up, I see you have 4" exhaust which is good but you will need a good tune, I use a Heath Tune and it works well with the Turbo, Lower EGTs and better Mileage go well with Better Performance Its a Win Win Holset HX35 Super turbo Holset HX35 Super offers great spoolup and a wide range of raw power. Well I currently have a 96 with auto with a Stinger plus kit from banks when I bought the truck but then modified my fuel plate to a 100, slid all the way forward, afc all the way forward with BHAF, stock 3 inch exhaust, with the 14cm housing on my hx35 i believe Oct 24, 2010 · The PDR HX35 can be used with 2001-2002 automatics with HY35 turbos. . I want to get the housing now, but be set up for the bigger injectors. Ran it on the stand for about two hours and pulled the intake/compressor housing off to re clock and paint to find a film of engine oil around the face of the turbo. Our parts fit; it’s that simple. 63 a/r turbine housing to fit an hx35 or hx40. I Dec 10, 2014 · Make sure you find a small enough exhaust housing for these turbos or else you're in lag city. The H2c should be a whole different frame size than the other two. I coach little league but after i am finally getting down to my brothers shop to make alot of pulls on dyno I will post everything. so it might be gone already. The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. 20+ psi by 4000rpms can be seen in the hx35/40 with the hx35 12cm^2 turbine housing with a non-divided t3 manifold. Enjoy! May 05, 2013 · Another good example is having us machine a garrett t3 . I understand why it is blood and sweat some guys work very hard on tuning and make their money that way. This emergency fuel line provides temporary Customers who bought this product also bought. 5-02 S300 BorgWarner turbo’s on our site. i'm reusing the h1c that i used on my m20 for my m52, but 12cm was too small for my likings. Unfollow holset housing to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Fits 1988 - 1998 Dodge Cummins 5. Raising your boost will allow the turbo to send more air into the engine so that it can burn the extra fuel from modifications like a performance box or injectors. i know i am going to have to get a center cartridge because when pulling you can tell the bearings are going bad in it. And with a larger (14cm) or modified (ported) factory 12cm exhaust housing, exhaust flow increases, drive pressure drops and the HX35 can support 450 rwhp — not bad considering these engines start out with 160 to 215 hp at the crank, depending on the model. I was just curious if someone had try a 40 and he recommended using waste gate on 40 to. New GTX3076R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel. This flange allows you to weld a 3. Aug 04, 2013 · The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. Turbine housing: The turbine housing is what directs the exhaust from the manifold to the turbine wheel. Popular in a wide range of automotive and bus applications the Holset HX40 is widely used in Europe and North American applications. Shop with confidence. but the CM of it. Each model has several different compressors and exhaust housings that have spool characteristics and compressor maps, with different surge lines. Quality parts you can trust made by skilled American workers, right here - in the USA. Holset HX35 Turbochargers. 68 - HX40W 3538232 Turbo for Dodge RAM 4" Exhaust Downpipe Flange T3 Twinscroll 6CTAA A M S P C O A N U S O T 4 B X R E X D 5 Cummins Holset WH1C HX35 HX35W HX40 Downpipe Turbo Flange To 3" V-band adaptor 94-02 HX35/HY35/HX40/S300 Compressor Outlet Flange O-Ring 94-02 HX40 Vulcan Turbo Exhaust Flange $ 29. Thanks. Many people are running these, and are very happy with them. add to cart. 63 what do you know about the turbo you have now? whats it off of is it actually at 50 trim t3(good for 250-275hp) or does it just say . What kind of boost can it safely maintain? On a built cr/vtec what would the spool times be like? Being a holset Dec 10, 2015 · By comparing different turbine housing A/R, it is often possible to determine the intended use of the system. The Holset turbine housing will bolt up to a T3 style manifold which you can buy aftermarket for a DSM, but I wanted to go with a more sleeper route and bolt it up to my Evo III exhaust manifold. Hx 55 Turbine Housing Ar 10 Cm Holset Hole Size 71 Mm. Very similar to the HY35, has the same turbine and compressor wheels but utilizes roughly a . 98. 0" (76. RELATED PRODUCTS. Stainless Diesel Exhaust Manifolds are the best on the market, with zero failures in the 12+ years of being run on daily drivers, race trucks, pullers & semi trucks. 9L Dodge Cummins at Diesel Power Products An exhaust housing size and design is only half the equation, playing a large role in determining how fast the turbo spools up and the maximum capable rpm, but having little to do with how much air the turbo can actually pump. A guy locally was using a he351 on a 2. Downpipe tiiviste 4x89. but now its shitty and laggy . 9L Cummins with HX35W - Improved EGT's for modified trucks - Lower Drive Pressure - Brand new, inlcudes actuator and hardware It spools wayy late because the exhaust housing is way too big for the boost level I'm at (7 psi - wastegate issue, should be 10) There are many different exhaust housing sizes that all fit on a h1c's and hx35s. High-Flow Heads 3" Exhaust Outlet V-Band Clamp - 1989-1993 Dodge 5. What size is the Exhaust housing??? not the outlet. Jun 28, 2007 · Are the turbine housing for the hy35 and hx35 the same? Top. now that i'm boosting an m52, i'd like to get a bigger housing. Tubing is at $1000. Brand: Holset. it just doesnt feel Fleece Brand New 1994-2002 HX35 63mm FMW Holset What size turbine is in this turbo? This turbo is a direct drop in replacement for your stock turbo with stock Anybody have any interest in a K26/6 exhaust housing machined to fit a Holset HX35? I put maybe 500 miles on this setup and made 320/310 at the wheels on 91 and a conservative tune. flip the manifold use your HX35 and current exhaust housing order up a HT3B with 24cm exhaust housing $400-600 depending on what mods you have done to the turbo. Check out the deal on Industrial Injection K27 BorgWarner Performance Upgrade Drop-In Turbo 94-02 5. 2mm Diesel Aftermarket Performance Turbochargers, Kits & Parts. These bolts hold the 5 bolt backing plate on to the back of an HX35 turbo. Number 25 in picture. Set the top turbo wastegate at 44-48psi. Takes 5 minutes for install. so what do i look for to identify which housing i have. I have a modified 2002 Ram, with 5. 80 A/R gated exhaust housingDownpipe exhaust flange size opt. 90 ID (3 inch OD) (76. These have been used with RB25 so will work with a petrol engine . 5" tube to the inside diameter, and also would allow you to weld a 4" diameter tube to the outside diameter. Exhaust restrictions via backpressure add serious heat to an engine. 9 Diesel, and I am running a HX35/40W Wastegated Hybrid Turbo, 4 In. Engineered and manufactured by Cummins Turbo Technologies, Holset Turbochargers have set the standard for turbocharger technology and design in the mid-range and heavy-duty diesel engine market for over 60 years. Jul 01, 2009 · For instance, an HX35 turbo from a 5. Its lets you bolt a 35 to a 4" outlet. 9L Cummins measures somewhere around 54/69/14, which means it has a 54mm-inducer compressor wheel, a 69mm-inducer turbine wheel, and a 14cm2 exhaust housing Jun 29, 2009 · The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. There can also be Letters at the end like 'W', that gives us more information about the Turbine housing. 1995 F250 Supercab 4x4 7. 9L 12V Performance - HX35 HY35 Exhaust Housing Same? - Do these interchange? I've got HX35's and wouldn't mind swapping to the 9cm HY35's I . results more air flow, higher boost levels, quicker spool up, and no mods needed to make it fit on the truck. The compressor housing is about . Long housing. I just did not want to hit full boost at 5k rpms and have 500-1000rpms of full boost only. With a new/redesigned compressor housing and a Forge Milled Compressor wheel (FMW), the SX-E turbos not only outflow their SX3/4 counterparts by a substantial amount, but they spool faster and come standard with a 360° thrust-bearing, allowing them to last longer and run higher power levels. ** GTX turbos use same turbine housing as GT turbos and turbine housings are sold separately. If you are going to daily drive your Cummins, consider a quick spool-up a "must-have". 9L Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel. Short housing. Description3 inch Downpipe Turbo Flange V-band Kit Fits Cummins Holset WH1C HX35 HX35W HX40 Material: 1018 CR Mild Steel (NOT CAST or A36)Thickness: 1/2 inch (. 5mm)Bolt Diameter: M8 Thru HolesPort Diameter: 2. 10. Oct 25, 2011 · The 12cm^2 represents the orifice area where the exhaust gasses enter the turbine wheel. But, your selection of exhaust housings will make a big difference. I can't remember if the standard holset outlet is an oddball size or not. HX40: Brand new precision balanced turbine wheel and shaft assembly for Holset HX35, HX35W, H1C and WH1C turbos. or Best Offer. 6 new & refurbished from $185. Imagine two 3. people that say that cause they where on a big truck motor have no base. An HY35 with its 9cm² exhaust housing or an HX35 with the HY's smaller housing (vice the HX's 12cm² housing) is a very nice match to the SRT-4's 2. The hx35w should be similar, I am not sure what the exhaust housing is on that one though. But likely similar. The manufacturer was not able to provide us with a specific size. (does not fit the HY35 with the hard line) Oct 25, 2013 · Im hoping it will build boost a little quicker tho because it has a smaller 9cm2 exhaust housing and i think the hx35 has a 12cm2 housing but the hx35 also has a smaller compressor wheel so the spool might be the same idk. What is an A/R ratio and how is it calculated?: The A/R in a relationship that is obtained when dividing the interior area of the turbine where the inner walls are found, through the turbine housing radio from the center to the tongue as the illustration indicates. Edge Juice w/Attitude, HTT Stage III quickspool hybrid HX35/40W, Airdog II 165, RV275s, Byrd's Diesel intake, B&D heavy duty auto trans with lockup, MBRP turbo back 4" with dual 5" black turn outs, Airaid cold air intake and Pac exhaust brake. mount using new exhaust manifold bolts and gaskets and adapt the aftermarket filter for a 4" inlet 45 degree bend steel tube. area diesel service 12541 4. With the large bep housing, spool times are to be determined. 9L 12V With HX35, H1C, or WH1C. 50 is the size of the housing not the size of the compressor wheel in it and really doesn't not effect how much the turbo can flow very much. What is the exducer size on an HX35 compressor? HX35 compressor exducer size anyone? "Industry standard T3 flange for the exhaust inlet. That turbine housing is fucking MASSIVE, ie shit, actual size will be  I know the turbine housing is 12. 9L Dodge 21cm² Original Turbine Housing Size Auto/Manual - 3531810H . Well as some of you may know, my old H1c gave up, and it was partly my fault. Depending upon flow rate and charge air cooler size, piping size and number/quality of the bends, throttle body restriction, etc. and will take 32 psi all day or would another hx40 do the trick. Cummins Diesel 6CTAA Universal Fits all cars and trucks HX35W MARKED IN THE TURBO BUT ALL DATA IS SAME AS THE HX40W. I keep reading the v band is a odd size. May 06, 2010 · He said rock it as-is. Cummins part number The BD-Power 1045911 Turbine Housing 16cm (Non-W/G) Flowed turbine housings for low and high rpm boost control to match your engine for maximum air control. The procedures in this manual were developed to instruct in the correct overhaul of the Holset HX35/40 turbocharger to provide for the optimum performance and minimum of maintenance operation. Its all about what you want in the end. The HX35 can be purchased as a twin scroll version with a nice quick spooling A/R which works I'm running a h1c (older version of hx35) that came with a 18cm turbine housing and swapped it out for 9cm from timsturbos. HX40: For Cummins Holset WH1C HX35 HX35W Downpipe Turbo Flange To 3" V-band adaptor Turbo charger Turbine Exhaust Housing. i can hit 20+ psi in 1st gear now if your going with a compressor the size of the one you want, i think that the h1c 18cm exhaust housing will flow plenty to keep up Twins arent too bad. With lower competitive prices and half the installation time, our diesel turbo kits provide you and your truck with unparalleled efficiency, speed & power. com and we will respond quickly. I would get an hx40 and try and find a bullseye power . :) sweet deal if u ask me . If you can find them, bullseye power actually makes aftermarket exhaust housings for the two turbos. Jan 04, 2016 · The Third number is the exhaust housing size in cm 2, I'm not going to go into this, but generally speaking, bigger equates to laggier down low, but more power up top. If you ever need to go bigger there are lots of aftermarket turbos made to bolt right up in place of the HX35. In the future I am going to get stage 2 injectors. Brand New Holset Stock Turbocharger Brand New Turbo - NOT a rebuild If your turbo goes out and you do not want to pay high dealer cost for a OEM turbo then this page is for you. And as you stated I never did do the exhaust turbine and housing … wondering if I just but this kit and throw on the wicked wheel 2 and it’ll all go back together on my 06 5. My vote would be for the . T25 Flanges. cummins 3903652 hx35/h1c exhaust outlet v-band clamp. Again a wheel alone on the compressor side is a BFD when the problem is the exhaust side. The size, design and weight of the wheel plays a huge role in how much exhaust it can move and what type of energy it is able to produce. I am with Racin. who's using a holset turbo on what engine and when do you get turbo spoolage? thanks Dec 18, 2015 · The turbo weights a lot so it is much easier to install it one section at a time. Well, now I have an HX35, but I have to decide how to get it to bolt up to the DSM. Modifications may be require borg warner,179160 turbine housing s500sx-e t6 open volute 3. 6 to 2. they flow more then a comparably sized garret t-style turbo and very similar to the gt series but for way less money. 2mm)Fitment: Used to weld to exhaust tubing with 3. looks good!!! The HX35 is a good platform to build on. Shopping Cart Exhaust Parts I have a superduty intercooler, 3""down pipe to 4""exhaust, k&n intake, billet compressor wheel. Find Hx35 in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Ontario. 9 6 speed manual with the he 351. FWIW, this thing is fairly similar to an HX55, but nothing like an HX50, interestingly, that is similar to the HX35 vs the HY35 (the smaller ones all have bolts to retain the compressor housing, the larger ones use a v-band clamp) FWIW, here is a pic of a HX40 compressor with an HX35 exhaust, so I know that that one can be done: 2 product ratings 2 product ratings - Brand new Compressor housing fit for Holset HX35 HY35. notice that the nut on the compressor wheel is only a single hex these turbos had a habit of coming off when fitted to petrol motors and needed to be replaced as for the split pulse thing it is not a huge thing yes you will lose some spool rpm have built them both ways and made good power with good response Jun 20, 2015 · I have yet to see any of the top Running guys ever post their timing or fuel maps . this is for a 89. 5" intercooler Miller blo-thru MAF Tial 38mm MVS wastegate 3" downpipe TRM oil feed tap Aluminum oil feed and drain flanges Aluminum Russel drain Opening up the exhaust flow of the factory turbo (especially the Holset HX35 on ’95-’98 models) can add significant power, along with reducing EGT. We doesn't provide holset exhaust housing products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. S363SX3 This turbo is an excellent balance between power and drivability. Should you want any of the optional items show, you must select in the drop down menu or leave us a message when ordering and we can contact you if you are not certain. anyone ever try to machine a t3 housing to fit on holset? how will it spool? Generously sized bearings with watercooled housing options for applications with highly cyclic operations support a recently upgraded set of aerodynamic components. The Borg Warner SXE turbo line introduces the latest in turbo technology. I never checked the turbine housing size but I assumed it was a 12cm because it was waste gated. i prefer something that wont spool until ~4k rpms. The turbine housing is also the stock housing that has had extensive machine work. 2L diesel-now has a remote mounted turbo system by me, running an HX35 with a billet super 40 extended tip compressor wheel, burning WMO, WATF, hydraulic oil and Jet fuel. Holset turbo exhaust v band to 3 tube adapter HE22. i mean its fast as hell but it was fast as hell at 20 psi before. Holset is another company that supplies turbos to diesel engines they also like Garrett and Borg Warner use body sizes HX30 and HX35 and so on. T3 Flanges. $130. The automatic transmission models came with a smaller HY35 version that favors quicker spool, but makes less power. 9 AUTO12V 3806278 3802992 3802841 3537815 TC DG HX35W T3 3539369+DP HX35 at Walmart. Jan 14, 2008 · hey can anyone find specs on a holset hx35? I found one for sale in my area for 250. The He351cw actually has a smaller exhaust turbine wheel than a stock HX35, so it wouldn't surprise me than an HX40 with the same compressor wheel but larger exhaust side creates more HP and thus 2mph more trap speed in the 1/8th. Turbo and Manifold The fourth part to our installation and data-collection process was the installation of the new 64mm Stage 2. i didn'thave the time to mess with it or i might have played Jan 20, 2010 · Are the 2 covers interchangeable? Also, since my understanding is that the HY35 has the same compressor wheel as the 7 blade HX35, will a compressor housing from an HX35 work on an HY35 with a side firing outlet, since the HX35 all have downward facing outlets. 5 HE351CW turbocharger and stainless steel exhaust manifold. well i finnally got it runnin today without the charge pipes blowing off as soon as i hit boost. and for the down pipe and all that i would have to delete it if i were to get a whole turbo. Holset turbos are awesome! great quality and reasonable prices, especially considering the vast used availibility of them. set up the exhaust brake 8. Current set up: The HX35 The locked-up WH1C that's donating the w/g 12cm2 exhaust housing. Control of the internal wastegate valve by a pressure signal from the intake manifold is identical to that of an external wastegate. He think me running hx35 with 55,60 lbs boost that I'm losing power. The two passages lead into two ports in the exhaust or turbine housing of the turbocharger. 00mm Journal Diameter = 11. will the non-wg exhaust housing from a h1c bolt to the rear of an hx35 ? the h1c is one of the larger ones, not the small h1c's. It is a good turbo if you aren't planning on making more than 300-ish horsepower, from what I've seen. By drilling out the two threaded holes on the turbo’s exhaust housing, it can be easily slid off the manifold mount studs and snugged down. wheel. T-3 exhaust housing mountIncludes oil drain gasketIncludes T-3 turbo to manifold gasketIncludes Stainless Diesel billet 'spring gate' wastegate actuator. Jun 05, 2015 · I just put a cartrige kit in my turbo (hx35 ) on a 1997 6bt cummins. There are 2vband clamps that hold it together, one fo the compressor housing and one for the exhaust housing. 3 turbo diesel, auto-SOLD. So I have the wicked wheel 2. I use my truck as a daily diver now and then, and tow with it. With a freer flowing turbine side, be it via a ported factory (12cm 2) housing or a larger A/R housing (14cm 2 or 16cm 2), the HX35 can support more than 450rwhp. 1992 W250, 300k, Getrag, BHAF, 4" exhaust, DDP fuel pin, Isspro gauges, +3 on the fuel screw, 3200rpm gov. 50 a/r on the compressor housing, the . T4 Flanges. Aug 17, 2018 · We've heard the Holset turbine wheel described as a work of art and it flows incredibly well, despite its small housing. They use similar t04s style housing on compressor 4". Description: 4-1/2 ft Emergency High Pressure Fuel Injection Line Part# DPE96025 Eliminate the risk of being stranded on the road or costly equipment downtime. 9L Dodge W MT HX35 TURBO CHARGER CUMMINS HX35W NEW T3 Flang. The only difference between the two engines is a different turbine housing A/R; otherwise the two engines are identical: Engine #1 has turbine housing with an A/R turbo ratio of 0. 80 A/R turbine housing and a . 99. Sold as a set of 5. The Fleece FPE-HX35-63-FMW HX35 63mm FMW Cheetah Turbocharger has a stock sized T3 flange and bolts to the factory exhaust manifold, or aftermarket manifold that uses a stock sized flange. 00 : Save 5% 98-07 Dodge 5. Great for use in twin turbo applications. From Poland. Then the two elbows were equal going to the HX35 and inner cooler. holset exhaust housing. I got it from a seller on ebay and its the 12cm exhaust housing. R. Running a 12cm exhaust housing. The holsets are designed for diesels which have much lower exhaust gas temperatures, put one of these on a gasoline engine which has higher exhaust gas temperatures and you have a very fast spooling turbo. Once the turbo is apart attach the other half of the flange adapter to the exhaust housing of the turbo. As you can see in the crappy pics, it's just over 2. but 80% is crap and you really have to search and do your research before you buy. its in good shape, but i wanna know more about it. I should see full boost around 4-4. " What happens if you run a single-scroll turbine housing on a twin-scroll exhaust manifold or a twin-scroll turbine housing on a non-divided/open exhaust manifold? In either configuration, you’ll simply end up with the performance characteristics of a single-scroll turbocharger system. Dodge Truck & SUV forum with the best tech and vehicle help on the web. it was on my cummin before i upgraded it to a hx40. I got the hx35 off a cummings pick up with 20,000 miles on it for 200. Hx35 Engine Turbo Charger 3536338 4033393 3802862 Turbocharger For Pc220 Excavator , Find Complete Details about Hx35 Engine Turbo Charger 3536338 4033393 3802862 Turbocharger For Pc220 Excavator,Turbocharger Hx35 3539697,Hx35 Engine Turbo Charger 3536338 4033393 3802862 Turbocharger For Pc220 Excavator,Turbocharger For Tractor from Turbocharger & Parts Supplier or Manufacturer-Shiyan Sunon Still running 390 head 3,000rpm. What size exhaust housing for Hx35 on 91. 5-02 HX35 - 7 blade 54 mm inducer, 78 mm exducer on compressor, 70 mm inducer, 60 mm exducer on turbine compressor/turbine/exh housing so my HX35/40 hybrid would be: 60/58/12 hybrid = compressor side of hx40 and turbine side of hx35w mated together. The small HX35 is a solid 500 whp turbo. $62. 98-02 Holset Hx35 Turbo Exhaust Elbow 12 24 Valve Jan 18, 2018 · With its compressor housing removed, it was easier to install the turbo onto the mount. 5" ID and just a hair over 3" OD The He351 has an open volute (non-divided) 9cm exhaust housing, so there is no divider to cut out. 5'-2002 HX35's are 7blade compressor 54mm x 78mm, turbine 58mm, 12cm^2 dual volute wastegated housing. 500") or (12. The Holset Super HX35 is designed for 1. Find great deals on eBay for hx35 exhaust and hx35 exhaust housing. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Dec 12, 2016 · Pingback: turbo lab exhaust housing - Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum Daniel June 30, 2017 at 12:15 pm. i cant stand the lag. What size ex housing is on it? Top. diesels use very small exhaust housing due to the nature of the motors, they have quite low exhaust flow compared to a same size gas engine Fitment Notes: HOLSET New Non-Wastegated Turbochargers 1992-1993 5. The improved air flow from our modified turbo has many benefits. This is the comparison of the two sizes, The one on the right I actually cut off that part from the base bolted onto the IC and welded on the new size pipe. 00 € CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. The compressor size and design determines how much air the turbo can pump and ultimately how much boost it can produce. Will also fit 1998-2002 Dodge Cummins 5. 00a/r. 5" Aluminum hot side charge pipe 3" Aluminum cold side charge pipe 28"x12"x2. Dec 25, 2014 · For reference on my hx40 I plan on using a 0. 2k. I found a deal on a T3 Wagner manifold so this came out and a . We're not like those sites that offer Buy Turbo Lab America Holset Hx40 T3. 13. This one is externally gated with a T-3 flange. Flanges By Turbo Model. 0L wrx and spool was around 4500 rpm, 3076R's spool at around 5000 up here on a 2. Bigger isn’t always better. Turbo size is 74/76 with 26cm housing. 70AR single scroll housing. i looked through google and only things i could find was people switching from h1c's to hx35/hx40 hybrids. 2mm i just bought a hx35 from a member here and i want to use a regular single scroll t3 housing on it. Wh1c Hx35w Turbo Charger Turbine Exhaust Housing. Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. Holset HX35 Turbo Replacement. Buy Holset HX35W 3539369 Turbo Turbocharger fits 96-98 Dodge 2500/3500 Truck 6BT 5. 00 shipping. 84. mate one of those turbos would do the job . The nicest thing is it will be on a dynomite dyno so i think a starquest first Nov 13, 2011 · Holset HX35W with brand new CHRA and 12cm exhaust housing BluntTech/Otis Manifold Miller W. 9L Cummins T4-T3 Adapter Flange Nov 27, 2003 · Its not really a 4" outlet for a 35. 4″ Turbo Downpipe Only, clamp is sold seperately 4″ v-band flange to outlet pipe end…full length is 4″ Fits most hx40’s & all of the 91. Anywho, I'm looking to get an hx35. 'W' Stands for wastegated. This will limit what this turbo is capable of flowing, but it will bring down the capable flow rates of the turbo down to size with a smaller engine to help spool time and over all efficiency. , you can estimate from 1 psi (or less) up to 4 psi (or higher). CUMMINS HOLSET WH1C HX35 HX35W HX40 Downpipe Turbo Flange To 3" V-band adaptor - $46. 82 Turbine Housing: Turbochargers - Amazon. It's a little too much compressor for the small hot side but it was a blast. 9L Cummins Part # 3903652 3-Inch HX35/H1C V-Band Clamp to connect the turbo exhaust turbine housing directly to the cast-iron exhaust elbow. ATT, HX40II in random eBay who knows config, and GM3 scrapmetal. 01 Cummins 4x4. HX40: The exhaust gases are split by the manifold into 1,2,3 and 4,5,6 which means that the exhaust pulses are balanced by the firing order of 1,5,3,6,2,4--sequential pulses to opposite halves of the manifold. This V-Band seems to be an odd size that I haven't been able to find a mate for. The turbine wheel in the HX40, for example, with the right configuration, spools up to 500 rpms faster. We also got a closer look at the S400SX's extended tip technology. Not sure where you found the info that an H2a turbine wheel is the same size as an H1c or Hx35. it should say right inside the flange were it bolts to the mount. just got a couple turbos. 9L you remove the vband flange (5 bolts) and bolt elbow directly to the Mar 21, 2008 · the holsets have been proven in the honda world for awhile now. Holset HX40 Turbo  23 Nov 2012 Started this thread as a refence point for Holset turbos, HX35 in particular. 5" v band exhaust. OEM part number is 3519336 Inducer = 70. 1984 GMC Getaway van, 6. 9L if current turbine housing has vband flange or a different cast Even the most experienced enthusiast has a hard time telling the difference between a stock turbo and an HX35 Stealth 64 during light throttle, daily driving. I was talking to a guy that specializes in holsets and he recommended a hx40 with 12cm. and to be honest i dont like it yet. Product Description. 0-liter engines offering animalistic low end torque As an example, an SR20DET engine can reach 600nm of torque with the Holset HX35 super. 62in centerline 1. This Holset HX35/40 Turbo replacement will help increase your truck's power and lower its exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). To get a actual 35 with a 4" outlet wouldnt you have to have an exhaust housing like that? He asked for an outlet plate and didnt use the word housing so I guessed this was it. You have a couple of options at this point. The HX35 is a 54mm turbo (Inducer) Twinentry T3 flange. and i was wanting to keep my exhaust housing because a i have a pac brake exhaust brake. Compare the size of the problem area exhaust housing and that should explain a lot. See what turbos are best to get from the junkyard and how to improve them New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. 1989 Turbo Caravan, full load, ex daily driver, [email protected] mph. This listing is for a Genuine Holset HX35 with 12cm T3 housing commonly found on the 5. HX35 flow similar cfm amounts, with the HX35 having a small lead. We are the premiere place for 1st gen and 2nd gen Dodges as well as a great source for newer models as well. i'm thinking 18cm would be good. 70 A/R housing Mount the turbo in the stock location, more piping on the uppipe will kill spool. Holset 12cm Wastegated Turbine Housing. If you're running a 1994-2002 2nd Gen Dodge Truck with a Cummins Holset Turbo and looking for an upgrade for your daily driver and towing rig, check out this HX35 Holset Turbo upgrade. 60 A/R and the compressor wheel flow is . a void the kit build em yourself. to exhaust tubing with 3. 14cm Wastegated T3 housing for the 1994-2002 HX35W - Replaces factory 12cm turbine housing found on 1994-2002 5. This turbo will be an upgrade to your HY35. As explained by BorgWarner's Brian Rhinehart, "This design feature promotes greater airflow using a low inertia wheel that performs like a wheel of greater size and mass. a hx35 and a h1c. These in stock form would be a terrible choice for an ecoboost-spoolup times would be measured with a calendar. Ok I saw one on craigslist for cheap I been looking for some info on this turbo it seems really good my only Qs? Is it would spool fast? How much hp could I get from one of this stock bottom end @ 12psi? Any input it would be apretiated Installs in place of the brass fitting on the compressor housing. With an upgrade of housing you can get a lot more flow psi which will bring you much greater horsepower. A. Then you have the h1c that came on many earlier-than-'94 dodge diesels. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases im getting ready to start putting my vrt together and im looking to purchase a downpipe. 82ar. HT3B Turbo. 5 Auto. Weld-on HX40 V-Band Turbine Outlet Flange. Chip (comes with USB) 2. The manifold is made from 3mm thick 304 stainless with a T3 flange and a flange and dump pipe for an external wastegate, all runners are equal length and it has been designed to have a Holset HX35 with the 4-bolt short nose back housing dropped on top. And 60mm exducer. Magna Flow Exhaust, S/B Cold air Intake, new industrial diesel injector pump, FASS 150 GPM Fuel Pump, DDP 110 HP over Injectors, 150 HP Juice with attitude, Suncoast Torch Converter and Valve Body, and Pack Break off of Exhaust, have 354 gear ratio with dodge 4-speed automatic transmission. I did get a different exhaust housing on the replacement HX35 I got from GSRacing after blowing my first one up, but the difference was in the exhaust v-band position, it had a shorter 'nose' to it so my downpipe didn't match up Email us at sales@dieseltuff. Holset, Cummins Turbo Technologies, is the only supplier of variable vane turbochargers in applications requiring very large diesel engines, such as heavy-duty trucks and off road equipment. im not saying everything on ebay is crap because i have parts on my car that i have purchased from ebay. This is directly tied to the tight exhaust housing and lightweight turbine wheel. 46 kg/s, which converts to 60. Non wastegated, it has a compressor roughly the same as the hx-35 if I remember correctly, but relied on a BIG exhaust housing to limit boost. The HT3B is made by Holset, Borg Warner/Switzer and Garrett, so depending on supply availible, it could be sent by any one of the three. Should I be concerned? Aug 07, 2017 · Precision likes to use inducer size so 6266 would refer to a 62mm inducer on the compressor and a 66mm inducer on the turbine side. Spools way faster but it seem most people like the 12cm housing that are floating around, they are cheaper. The turbo will not fit a 9cm housing. As the exhaust flows through the volute (passage in the turbine housing The best way to do this is to measure the pressure drop with a data acquisition system, but many times that is not practical. **Turbine Housing is sold separately and is the same as one used on GT30R using 60mm turbine wheel. The compressor size is on par with a  11 Mar 2020 The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. 625" od h2c full marmon flange for a 3lm turbine housing-weld on. 4L and should be roughly similar to a T3/T4 "hybrid" 50-trim that's commonly used with much success. $55. I wanted faster spool for more off the line (Fun factor/Road friendly). Driftmotion is your one-stop shop for building a high performance 1JZ, 2JZ, 7M, or UZ powered monster! Drifting, Solo2 Racing, Land Speed Cars, Fast Street Cars, Time Attack, Rally Racing, Off-Road Racing, we love it all!!! We have high quality parts at super competitive prices! We only offer items that we can get on a regular basis and ship promptly. Available 7 days a week Parts We specialize in stock & performance 4bt & 6bt diesel parts ranging from 4bt p7100 inj pumps to Injectors, Turbo’s, Pacbrake Exhaust Brakes, Clutches etc. Jump To: Oil and Coolant Fittings and Flanges: V-Band Flanges and Clamps. 95. few threads on other forums like my question but none that had the answer to what im asking. 0 or . 63 T3 went in. Its not like an a/r at all and its not the bore of the turbine wheel (turbine exducer size). the bep sell a bolt on t3 housing but it is expensive for me. exhaust housing size and high elevation 110 results for holset housing Save holset housing to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. i have to look into some better charge pipes and clamps as well as check for boost leaks. 7. 67mm Cummins Holset Wh1c Hx35w Hx40 Turbo Turbine Exhaust Housing Turbine Housing Ar 10 Cm Holset Hole Size 71 Mm 98-02 Holset Hx35 Turbo Exhaust Elbow 12 24 help HX40 67 x 89 x 95 Billet Wheel + Housing; Holset turbo hx35 Detroit diesel. and it uses a T3 flange. The Twin-Scroll Advantage • Quicker boost response Flanges & Adapters << Back. Dec 29, 2012 · The pickings are slim for housing manufactured to bolt an hx35/40 to even a T3 manifold unless you get one of the OEM dodge twin scrolls like the one i sold not too long ago on here to jusmx, might wanna PM him and ask if he still has it, he said they moved fast though and took it as soon as i listed it. From Mark Chapple of TST: "Our testing shows them (HX35 and HY35) to be (functionally) equivalent and interchangeable. add to If you really want to make hx35 power with a faster spool and better powerband go with the he341 or hy35 it has a 9cm exhaust housing, and people running them on dsm's and other cars are hitting the same power levels with faster spool times. Fits HX35, HX40, s300 etc. I'm not sure which size exhaust housing to get, 1. might be a 12CM housing. Holset Hx35 H1c Exhaust Turbine Housing T3 . I think it's the hx35 on it. – Compact Cover Compressor Housing, 3” inlet / 2” outlet – Exhaust housing: T3 Traditional 4 Bolt w/ 4 Bolt 3” outlet . 00. Value With competitive prices in diesel products, we’ll give you the best value for your time and money. Free 2-day shipping. If there is no HX35 plate like the photo above, the turbo is an HY35W. Click for Complete Master List of Garrett Turbos . I have the bep turbine housing saved under my favorites. spring, 16cm^2 housing Jul 21, 2009 · Both these turbos are pretty similar, I believe the HX35 is larger than your typical GT35R, so potentially more lag. I will post pictures of my home-brew exhaust brake. The HY has a "hardline" wastegate actuator tube,(from turbo to actuator), and the turbo has a clamp affair holding it together. Holset Turbochargers are synonymous with turbomachinery and air handling excellence across the globe. 5. 70 A/R Compressor housing. 5L engines both using GT30R turbochargers. i think its around 50ish mm. 00mm Exducer = 60. 70 a/r exhaust housing. 0. The PDR HX35 can also be used with older 1989-1993 Dodge RAM trucks with WH1 turbos. A complete turbo with a 12cm to 16cm exhaust housing is required. So with the right sized exhaust housing, an h1c will do just as well I would think! the HX35 doesn't have to be used on a TS manifold and their are aftermarket single scroll turbine housing upgrade options as well be very Leary on ebay. i had the non wastegated 18 cm housing i beleive its a t3 twinscroll housing i now have a 12cm hx35 and i have to say, there is A HUGE difference. Problem egt still high with water injection. How to Use the Manual This manual is organised according to the steps needed to most easily and correctly overhaul the Holset HX35/40 turbocharger. 1988-2002 5. how do i tell what exhaust housing they have? i think i read somewhere there was two housings a 12cm and a bigger one. WH1C - same as IC H1C, with a 12 cm wastegated housing 94-98 HX35 - 54 mm inducer, 83 mm exducer on the compressor, 70mm inducer, 60 mm exducer on turbine 98. :evil Holset Turbochargers Parts. hey im lookin to turboing my car and build my own rear mount kit. May 21, 2017 · Messin' with some turbos and thought I'd make a quickie. 'D' Stands for Devided. Diesel Engine Hx35 Turbo Charger 4031501 4031502 4031504 4031505 2882036 Turbocharger Prices , Find Complete Details about Diesel Engine Hx35 Turbo Charger 4031501 4031502 4031504 4031505 2882036 Turbocharger Prices,Turbocharger For Generator Engine,Marine Engine Turbocharger,40315014031502 4031504 4031505 2882036 from Turbocharger & Parts Supplier or Manufacturer-Shiyan Sunon Automobile Parts An internal wastegate is a built-in bypass valve and passage within the turbocharger housing which allows excess exhaust pressure to bypass the turbine into the downstream exhaust. HX35 – Came in the 5 speed 5. 8 lbs/min. All prices … Jan 10, 2007 · That maybe your opinion and possibly a very good one but the exhaust housing on the above said H1C charger definitely has a smaller housing than the hx35 hybrid that I purchased, By smaller i'm reffering to physically smaller going by the outside measurements of the exhaust housing, I'm going to get around to changing the turbo out some time next week so I'll know more then, This turbo has What size exhaust housing? I'd roll with a hy35 before an hx because the by is slight smaller compressor and turbine, with a 9cm housing vs the hx35 14cm or at the smallest 12cm housing You really need a modded pump with bigger elements to make use of the chargers flow capacity. 9L diesel engines with manual transmissions. with a 60mm Feb 06, 2011 · Above picture is of the same Holset HX52 turbo Vs the smaller Holset HX35. and i was wondering how u guys feel about useing an holeset hx35? it has a 14 cm exhaust houseing, and i got to look in to what size comp. com Just looking if anybody knows if the Holset HY35 or HX35 (12cm exhaust housing) can be mounted on a stock manifold (milled down or spacer for T3 compatibility) without hitting the rear mount? If not, is there anybody that has modified the rear mount to make it work? Now that I see that the 60trim Apr 21, 2006 · My 94 with a WH1C I noticed it was slower to spool but hit alot harder than an hx35. All holset exhaust housing wholesalers & holset exhaust housing manufacturers come from members. willl a 3" atp down pipe fit or do I need to make a custom adaptor to mount to the turbine housing So I have this freshly rebuilt HX35 and I'm accumulating the rest of the piece parts to get everything together. If this turbo really does hit full bost at 3500rpms with the BEP housing, Then that is the same rpm about that the gt3076r Dbb turbo is that I was going to spend over $1,000 on. Holset HX35 Turbo parts/Turbine housing 3539697 suit turbine wheel 60x70 supplier AAA Turbocharger Parts. Waste gated and non waste gated housings are available to match your high horsepower engine. I have a HX35/14WG and I really like how it comes in sooner but It doesn't seem to come in near as hard. This summer i am going to intercool it, and The HX35 Is defiantly an upgrade over the stock GM Turbo and as long as you don't tow heavy too much it is a great Upgrade, The HX40II is a Better suited size for the 6. Mainly because it has a 3" v-band outlet that is easily made to work with downpipes. T6 Jul 13, 2013 · Find out how you can upgrade on the cheap with junkyard turbos that offer all the capability at a fraction of the price. hx35 exhaust housing size

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