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Entity framework core datetime format

Data. Type Conversion. NET Core runtime and is an open source, lightweight, cross platform Object Relational Mapping (ORM) that can be used to model your entities much the same Sep 19, 2013 · Web Api, Entity Framework and ISO 8601 Date Formats 19 Sep 2013 • permalink For those using Web Api to deliver json payloads, you might come across an issue relating to dates, more specifically, timezones. That said the data type datetime still exists and is fully supported in SQL Server 2008. NET Core, using Entity Framework Core. Hi experts, I'm working on a ASP. The ability to use SQL with Entity Framework Core has always been a cool feature. C# ASP. 2, “Supported versions of Entity Framework Core”) . The model features a Person class and a Qualification class, and a many-to-many relationship between them. Right now, it's outputting 01/01/2000 12:00:00 I just want it to be mm/dd/yyyy I tried formatting in the view itself but could not get it to work. 3. Here, you will learn how to write LINQ-to-Entities queries and get the result in Entity Framework 6. So you should try to perform this in memory (client-sided, rather than SQL Server sided). You might have another problem if ExpiryMaster is an entity framework entity as your "Where" needs to be converted to SQL and if the underlying MySQL provider can't convert "Convert. This is the recommended way to store timestamps Starting with EF Core 2. Html Agility Pack Entity Framework Plus Entity Framework Effort Entity Framework Dynamic Filters Entity Framework GraphDiff Extension Methods NMemory NuGet Must Haves Find & Replace Tool @ErikEJ Understood. Currently the data context stores the full DateTime CLR object as a a string like "2018-03-10 16:18:17. I'm using Entity Framework 6 and DB first . Does Entity Framework sometimes auto-convert DateTime to EST? My Javascript call is making an MVC call to a C# web method with a date that is set to midnight. You’ll still have to have the value properly converted to UTC before you try to save it. Entity Framework Core. Jul 26, 2018 · String was not recognized as a valid DateTime 'dd/MM/yyyy' The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value. The best work around to achieve this in SqlServer would be to use DateTime. 1, adding the . EF Core version: 2. Database Provider: Microsoft. 10 or 8. TimestampType: Apr 14, 2015 · 7 C# 6. These values are returned as per server's time zone. “toString” in my case, as I’m running EF6: Adding a Created Date/Time Column Automatically with Code First Migrations 6 February 2014. Scroll down to the  To satisfy such needs and centralize datetime operations, ABP provides a values will be stored in UTC and all datetimes will be sent to clients in UTC format. NET Core In Process Hosting on IIS with ASP. com/questions/5658216/entity-framework-code-first answer, kindly check your database data type from datetime to date. Practical . . net Core,Entity Frameowrk Core,Interview questions,csharp tutorials, c-sharp tutorials,C# Interview Questions, csharp Interview Format date and time in Html. The Entity Framework doesn't require you to add a foreign key property to your data model when you have a navigation property for a related entity. NET Core, so We'll work with Entity Framework Core, but these concepts apply for another technologies like Dapper or another ORM. Put the name of the . NET Core MVC datetime formats as well. It creates a column with timestamp data type in the SQL Server database. Whenever we install a package in ASP. These attributes are not only used in Entity Framework but they can also be used with ASP. 1013863" but in my case "2018-03-10 16:18:17" would be enought. SQLite is a self-contained and embedded SQL database engine. This has the effect of avoiding any unwanted shifts in the date time based on the local time of the running process. It can only be applied once in an entity class to a byte array type property. Another example of a property that we might not want to store in the database is a student’s "AverageGrade". net entity framework datetime problem. Put an end to those hundreds of Visual Studio Console projects cluttering your source folder and join the revolution of LINQPad scripters and incremental developers. Messages: CREATE TABLE `Messages` ( `Id` INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, `IsDeleted` INTEGER NOT NULL, `FromUserId` INTEGER, `ToUserId` INTEGER, `SendDate` TEXT NOT NULL, `ReadDate` TEXT NOT NULL, `MessageContent` TEXT, CONSTRAINT `FK_Messages_Users_ToUserId` FOREIGN KEY(`ToUserId Mar 04, 2015 · How do you read the date “03-10-2014”? For some of you this will be October 03 2014. // Create a DateTime from date and time. Es gibt ein unbekanntes Wort, das bei Index 0 beginnt c# entity-framework-core Feb 26, 2010 · Entity Framework uses datetime2 format with a field of type datetime. (Spatial Data - Geography) Entity Framework Core Tutorial EF Core Tutorial 1. Date Formatting in C#. Home / ASP. 1: For example, And since the field is obviously DateTime, I can't format it into the  Jun 30, 2019 How to Use Edm. We have table named T_SC_SERVICE has INSTANCE_ID column which is type Timestamp(6). DateTimeType type. Where is DataTime2 coming from, if not f DATETIME FORMAT | Test your C# code online with . 0. Entity Framework API automatically uses this Timestamp column in Jan 26, 2011 · Hello, usually values of timestamp columns are automatically generated by database, and should not be set in a program. State); foreach  Jun 1, 2018 I am using new way of seeding data in Entity Framework 2. We have successfully created a personal expense manager application using ASP. When it created my database, it made most of the columns nullable, except the DateTime columns. NET Core, Entity Framework Core provides APIs to work with SQLite. config file, then add the configuration to set the uiculture and culture attributes as shown below. Remarks. Restoring appears next to References in Solution Explorer while the installation occurs. Date and Time Canonical Functions. Before we start, where does EF Core come from? As its name suggests, it spun out from the . NET 4 (MVC 3 web app) and SQL Server 2008 Express. Hi, I'm using ASP. Entity Framework: How to set Defaultvalues for DateTime fields It's easy I thought, just select the Property of the EntityType and set the Default Value in the Properties window to: DateTime. Mar 07, 2016 · If you store a DateTime object to the DB with a DateTimeKind of either Utc or Local, when you read that record back from the DB you'll get a DateTime object whose kind is Unspecified. NET type with larger precision. It eliminates the need for most of the data-access code that developers This article introduces how to perform the Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations in ASP. However, there is time added, and it turns out to be UTC time: LINQPad is not just for LINQ queries, but any C#/F#/VB expression, statement block or program. 03/30/2017; 5 minutes to read +4; In this article. In . NET Developer Should Know About. Visual Studio creates a new project, then from the cloud section select Azure Functions. I'm trying to display an MM/dd/yyyy format in a Search results list. NET Core. This expense manager Then, select “ASP. NET, Core, MVC, Azure, EF, IoC и другие умные слова - В Добавление свойства типа DateTime в Модель Entity Framework. NET Core applications, based on the current clock provider. I'm using Visual Studio 2013 ultimate and Sql Server 2008. 1. May 08, 2012 · What would be a good thing is to have a transform between the EF storage model and the conceptual model. Now. In the IQueryable query, you want to select that property as string with the format 2017/01/09 into a ViewModel class. NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server (SqlClient) provides date and time functions that perform operations on a System. NET Core 3. Dec 1, 2014 The data may be in a format that makes it hard to access or update, and may include functions and Creating the Entity Framework Classes from the existing database . Change the Project Name and Location and then click OK. Type. I don't know if there is a way to do such transforms today but a guy can dream! :) Thanks again! I'm using EF Core 2. So, let’s get started. Entity<Blog>(). Not applicable to Entity Framework Core, because Entity Framework Core does not support XML mapping. Then, select “Web application (Model-View-Controller)” template and press “OK”. You can use Data Annotations to specify an exact data type for a column. Cheat sheet detailing formatting options for dates and times in C#. Plus A FREE & Open Source library to enhance EF6 and EF Core LastLoginDate < DateTime. In one of our projects, we used ASP. Dec 07, 2018 · But in EF Core version 2. Right click on Models folder and select Add >> Class. NET 2. For others, especially those from the US this will be interpreted as March 10 2014. By default, DateTime is sent to PostgreSQL as a timestamp without time zone - no timezone conversion of any kind will occur, and your DateTime instance will be transferred as-is to PostgreSQL. NET MVC 5 and have the code in my ViewModel to . FormatException: Die Zeichenfolge wurde nicht als gültige DateTime erkannt. 2b. Entity SQL includes date and time canonical functions. This walk through will use the "Code First" development approach and create a database from model using migration. GetType(). 0 Entity Framework is an object-relational Mapper(ORM) that allow developers to work with a database using . NET Entity Framework and LIN Q to Entities. SqlClient. Nov 6, 2017 ToList(); where Created is a DateTime The query that is generated does not on the page and I am setting the display format of the DateTime. Property(a => a. How to Pass DateTime in ESQL Where Clause Filter by Inforbiro (www. NET Web API I know you may hate the existing datetime format Entity Framework returns DateTimes Note that while this approach follows a similar pattern to Entity Framework 6, there are some differences: The configuration class must implement IEntityTypeConfiguration<TEntity> (an interface) rather than EntityTypeConfiguration<TEntity> (a class). System. DisplayFor() I had a hard time formatting my DateTime entry in my application. He is also the author of the book called Entity Framework Core in Action, published by Manning. The . Note that this doesn’t do anything when saving. This page provides sample code to create a SQLite database using package Microsoft. Oct 29, 2012 · i am using linq and i need to convert the DateTime? to DateTime ("dd/MM/yyyy") Using Entity Framework - the Data Column in Database is DateTime nullable. NET Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities. By default, MongoDB stores DateTime value in UTC format. Date is not supported when using LINQ TO EF (think it works with LINQ to SQL) and as far as I know you can't use a Convert/cast like you can in normal SQL (or can you?) Nov 08, 2011 · I've made a newbie project using Code First and MVC. web> <globalization culture="en-US" uiCulture="en"/> </system. How do I get the generated SQL to use another format for DateTime objects? My question is, does anyone know what format I should be sending my date to backend in (I heard it's ISO 8601)? Should I even be doing anything to the Date on the client? And how can I convert my JS date to a date that will save in PG? I am also using Microsoft Entity Framework Core with Postgres (if that helps) Date and Time Functions. EntityFrameworkCore. The course entity has a foreign key property DepartmentID which points to the related Department entity and it has a Department navigation property. For instance, there is a string value (“12/10/2015”) and our requirement is to find out weekday (Sunday or Monday and so on) of date. But, when I query the database, I see the correct date was added to the DB table, as expected. Unfortunately, with this type, you lose the milliseconds. . Here is my code: Nov 10, 2015 Allowing user to set culture settings in ASP. Create sample project. Unspecified. 2 Note that when mapping corresponding database data type, you will need the . There is a way to tell EF to use SQL Server's format in traditional Entity Framework, but how do I do it in Code-First Entity Framework? I am using EF4 on . Entity Framework is a framework for providing object-relational mapping service on data models. Open the “Startup. I use ASP. net Tutorials,ASP. Not applicable to Entity Framework Core, because Entity Framework Core does not support XML  Feb 22, 2017 Custom Model Binding in Asp. NET Fiddle code editor. net Core,Entity Frameowrk Core,Interview questions,csharp tutorials, c-sharp tutorials,C# Interview Questions, csharp Interview Jul 31, 2018 · This example will help you know how to use the datetime format in c#. Naturally, what you assign to HireDate and what you retrieve after saving to database might be different values. The sample database provided in this guide represents an online store. We use Entity Framework Core as an Object Relationship Mapper (ORM) to perform the CRUD operations. and i think the mysql datetime format is:"yyyy-mm-dd" and entity framework date time format is:"dd-mm-yyyy" I am learning entity framework core, using it with SQLITE I have 2 tables in the database. Developers often store date and time values in the database that are returned through DateTime. Asp MVC Format Date Short How to display Net The Net Framework> ASP. NET. NET / ASP. HasData(new Blog {BlogId = 1, CreateDate = DateTime. EF Core is an extensible version of Entity Framework, which may be complied against the full . Then we will generate our database tables using the model. 0 Features That Every ASP. 1 Applicable only to Entity Framework v1 - v6. For example, SQL Server uses datetime2(7) for DateTime properties, and nvarchar(max) for string properties (or  Feb 10, 2015 This means storing DateTime values as UTC, so that you have a consistent baseline date value. x console application in Visual Studio 2017. cs” file to set the format for app routes. The following table shows the date and time Entity SQL canonical functions. Data Platform Development > ADO. NET (see Table 9. Add* functions instead of TimeSpan. 2, “Supported versions of Entity Framework Core”) MySQL Server 5. NET's DateTime has a Kind property which impacts how Npgsql reads and writes the value. Jul 14, 2018 · The ASP. 1, it is now possible to define a constructor with parameters and have EF Core call this constructor when creating an instance of the entity. EF Core runs on top of the . So I needed to solve that problem by myself. So the storage model datetime columns the Kind would be UTC and the conceptual model datetime properties the Kind would be Local. ToDateTime" into SQL it won't be able to run your query. 0 was released, along with all it's supporting libraries like Entity Framework Core. What I have to do? In particular, . Oct 15, 2019 Recently, ASP. On creating a new record in browser the user is asked to type the ModifiedDate value instead of SQL Server applying them automatically. Name your class ExpenseReport. Apr 05, 2013 · By default, when you have a mapped DateTime property on an entity, if you don’t specify any type, NHibernate will use the NHibernate. Consider this scenario: You have an entity model and one of the properties is DateTime type. 0, and higher, includes support for the ADO. Net Core> Data Model retrieve data via SQLClient from SQL Server without EF Entity In this post, I will try to make you understand how you can use entity framework with C# code in the Azure function. a Full Text Search), if the generated SQL is not efficient enough, if you want to make use of existing stored procedures, or if you just prefer to write your own queries in SQL. This is OK, but can still have problems – see my article “Entity Framework Core performance tuning – a worked example” to see an even better way to handle comma separated strings. NET Core camp of development. MyColumn. This is because dates are represented in different formats in different cultures. 0 (see Table 9. TimeOfDay with EntityFramework. Aug 19, 2018 NET Core 2. 1 and Entity Framework (EF) core Code First approach. The datetime2 suggest it's trying to translate to SQL statement. NET Core projects, I am  datetimeoffset, datetimeoffset, DateTimeOffset, System. We have also used Highcharts to create a bar chart for monthly and weekly expense summary. In the next example, the StateProvince property on the Address entity is mapped to the "Name" user defined data type: public class SampleContext : DbContext { public DbSet<Address> Address { get; set; } protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder) { modelBuilder. It makes sure the format of the DateTime is passed in a format that Moment. How do I set the DateTime Asp. How do I prevent EF from generating an invalid datetime value in the SQL? and/or. DateTime ModifiedDate { get; set; } . x as well as in Entity Framework Core. Apr 14, 2015 · 7 C# 6. 1: For example, modelBuilder. There's a new feature in Entity Framework Core that opens the door for whole new set of SQL-related functionality. DateTime input value and return a string, numeric, or System. NET Core 2. datetime is a DateTime value. Here’s a quick one, I’m using EF6 code first migrations and I want to add a created date/time column to every table in the database. The associations between the classes are declared as virtual, indicating that they are navigation properties in a Code First model intended for use with Entity Framework. NET Core / FullCalendar and DateTime Variables in Entity Framework FullCalendar and DateTime Variables in Entity Framework RSS 1 reply My data model (Entity Framework 6. ToList() turns the load of all the TagNames into one final database query. Name, objError. Entry. Aug 19, 2018 · Select “. Entity<Address>() . NET Entity Framework and LINQ to Entities https: Store DateTime as UTC and Convert As Per User's Time Zone. This expense manager tracks your daily expenses and provides comparative charts to show your expense summary. posted on March 22, 2016 by long2know in ASP. NET and ASP. The code in Listing 1 uses various constructors of DateTime structure to create DateTime objects. Adding the model to the application. com) You might have another problem if ExpiryMaster is an entity framework entity as your "Where" needs to be converted to SQL and if the underlying MySQL provider can't convert "Convert. The following conversions are supported, along with the same projections from and / or to Nullable types: In pre-. NET Core versions of Entity Framework, this is achieved by creating classes that derive from EntityTypeConfiguration<TEntity>, and then using Fluent API to override conventions in the class constructor. 3 май 2012 NET, ASP. May 13, 2014 · At this point if you run the application, and if you insert, update and delete employees, by default entity framework will use the sql it autogenerates and not our custom stored procedures. 1” from these dropdowns. So, we can use LINQ for querying against DbSet, which will be converted to an SQL query Describe what is not working as expected. C# Tutorials,ASP. DateTime Invariant Formatting | Test your C# code online with . Reference your own assemblies and NuGet packages. Data Annotations. By adding the following OnModelCreating code to my EventContext, I was able to tell Entity Framework Core to store the Date property as a DateTime with the Kind set to DateTimeKind. NET MVC 4 application using C# and Razor Syntax. 2. Does the DateTime property (such as the one in the Contoso University Tutorial code below) subimit datetime user input in datetime2 format by default? 2. Since we are using the EF core Code First approach, first we will create our model class. NET also supports Entity SQL. When I apply a filter on this column, the request. There are several ways to create a DateTime object. Script are as follows: Model [Display(Name = &quot;BirthDate&qu Date and Time Canonical Functions. Sqlite . That is because, for example, any Int32 value can be stored in the NUMBER(10) column Sometimes we do parsing from string to DateTime object to perform operations like date difference, weekday, month name etc. > ) using EditorFor() you need the following attributes on the property (note the  Mar 6, 2019 NET MVC, most of the concepts and the general order of things apply for ASP. The configuration is applied in a Configure method rather than in a constructor. NET application. These classes are then added to the DbModelBuilder's configuration in the OnModelCreating method. Script are as follows: Model [Display(Name = &quot;BirthDate&qu Data Annotations - Column Attribute in EF 6 & EF Core. <system. (+ is not defined for datetime & time value). MVC application using Entity Framework Core 1. You can use the ToString method with DateTime class to custom format date and time. This means storing dates in UTC format either with generated values using DateTime. net Core, 3: Model Binding Interfaces >> render DateTimeOffset into the 2 input fields format described above  Learn EF Plus - Entity Framework Plus by example. Plus, JSON. TotalMilliseconds; } Since we are using Entity Framework Code-First approach, first, we will create our model class and then generate our database tables using the model. Now}); However, applying this to the datab Nov 26, 2017 · With this in place, whenever Entity Framework loads an entity from the database, it will set the DateTimeKind that you specify, such as UTC. NET Core application, then the package installation occurs in the background. NET, Database, Entity Framework. Note: Data annotations only give you a subset of configuration options. Sqlite. The workaround is to specify type NHibernate. ODP. NET Core” and “ASP. That means whatever value you assign to the HireDate property will be converted to its UTC value and then stored in the database. NET Core for cross platform development. The Column attribute can be applied to one or more properties in an entity class to configure the corresponding column name, data type and order in a database table. EF appears to have taken the stance that even though it knows that I want a datetime it's going to give me a datetime2 anyway. 0 with SQLite and I want to reduce the size of my database without loosing the human readable datetime value in my table column. ExpenseDate > DateTime. Aug 19, 2018 · Introduction In this article, we will be creating a personal expense manager using ASP. g. Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is a lightweight and extensible version of Microsoft’s popular ORM Entity Framework. In some cases, however, you need to display these values to the users as per their time zone. DateTime value result. NET objects. I've found that the cause of this is the incompatible datetime types between . 03/30/2017; 3 minutes to read +5; In this article. Subtract(Epoch). NET 11. DateTime is stored in UTC by default. These data annotation attributes work in the same way in EF 6 and EF Core and are valid in both. NET Framework’s existing object like JavascriptSerializer or DataContract JSON Serializer or JsonResult. A DateTime object can have a Date, Time, Localization, culture, milliseconds, and kind. NET data type and the data annotations applied to the model property. NET Framework, or . While EntityFrameworkCore is still kinda new, it seems like this is a pretty straightforward use case, so I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong and that it's not a framework issue. NET Core and Entity Framework Core with the help of Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server 2017. cs. NET Core SDK Apr 29, 2009 · Entity Framework’s entity (which has a relationship with other entities) cannot serialize with . web> In this post, I will try to make you understand how you can use entity framework with C# code in the Azure function. The query in first post can be re-written I have a view model with a start date. ADO. May 12, 2010 · The problem is the C# DateTime type has a precision of 10 digits for milliseconds and the SQL DateTime seems to only have 3. When entity frame work builds the sql where clause to do the concurrency check, it does not convert the C# DateTime type to match the format in the database and the check fails. Usually, when razor displays DateTime properties in the view, it follows the format MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss. Leveraging Raw SQL in Entity Framework Core. The DbSet class is derived from IQuerayable. Entity Framework Core provides mechanisms for executing raw SQL queries directly against the database in circumstances where you cannot use LINQ to represent the query (e. Net Core Entity Framework 6, MVC Architecture. Mar 06, 2019 · Furthermore, a lot of the different methods and layers also apply to datetime formats in any . In the process of migrating Dangl. Format("{0} {1}", FirstName, LastName); The "FullName" property has only a getter and no setter, so by default, Entity Framework will NOT create a column for it. If you need to provide the value through a program, please use the datetime type, and Entity Framework will map it to a CLR type of DateTime. Date and Edm. NET Forums / General ASP. NET Core Web Application” from the available project types. HasColumnType("Name"); } } AgileMapper contains version-specific support for Entity Framework 5, Entity Framework 6, and Entity Framework Core, extending each version's ability to support query projection. If you recall my previous previous post Stored Procs with Entity Framework, I mentioned that you could use SqlQuery<T> to populate a list from a stored procedure. Furthermore, a lot of the  https://stackoverflow. inforbiro. NET to MySQL default type mapping public string FullName => string. And of course, there’s a bunch of tips for date formatting very specific to Entity Framework and even Microsoft SQL Server as well, so you should get some valuable tidbits of info for that tech as well! Linq-to-Entities Query. The constructor parameters can be bound to mapped properties, or to various kinds of services to facilitate behaviors like lazy-loading. Mar 21, 2013 · How can I do a LINQ to Entity Framework query where you ignore the time portion of a datetime column? Using something like MyTable. Now But it's not On the nightmare that is JSON Dates. Visit LINQ Tutorials to learn LINQ step by step. 2 Supported in Entity Framework v5 and v6. Web API and ASP. The Column attribute overrides the default convention. Entity Framework Core: Type Udt is not supported on this platform. SqlException: Operand data type datetime2 is invalid for subtract operator. Jul 31, 2018 · This example will help you know how to use the datetime format in c#. NET 5: Part 2 So in my example, the default short date format for the culture af-ZA is DateTimeFormat. NET MVC 5, Code First with an existing database, SQL Server 2016) includes a “Title” table with a “ModifiedDate” (datetime, DEFAULT (getdate)) column. js can handle easily. Entity. 3, ASP. Oct 26, 2016 EntityFrameworkCore. In order to render the browsers datepicker ( <input type="date" . AppendFormat("Entity Type \"{0}\" in state \"{1}\" has the following errors:", objError. Create a . Utc); public static double GetEpochTicks(this DateTime dateTime) { return dateTime. I am using new way of seeding data in Entity Framework 2. PS: If you need assistance on any of your ASP. NET MVC or data controls. Connector/NET 6. In my application I'm using the Employees table of the Mar 13, 2017 · In this article we learn how to create an ASP. 08 April 2007 21:11. This class will contain our Employee model properties. Open the web. Sep 28, 2019 · This guide uses . NET MVC for Mar 22, 2016 · Entity Framework SqlQuery for Stored Procs. NET Core 1. The Input tag helpers determine the data validation attributes by inspecting the . StateProvince). NET Core Unobtrusive Client Validation framework uses these data-val-* attributes to validate the data on the client side. OData Core · Web API · EDM Lib The Transact-SQL has date (Format: YYYY-MM-DD) type, but there isn't a DateTime CLR type to map the date type. 7 Entity Framework Core (see Table 9. NET and SQL Server. Is your prc_Requirement class in the same namespace as the underlying Entity Framework class? The code you have is technically correct for what you are trying to do, so the issue may be that it is treating your class as separate from the underlying entitiy. For example, SQL Server uses datetime2(7) for DateTime properties, and nvarchar(max) for string properties (or nvarchar(450) for string properties that are used as a key). EF 6 and EF Core both include the Timestamp data annotation attribute. In fact, We'll take a look at the common requirements to design enterprise architect in this article. Data Annotations - Timestamp Attribute in EF 6 & EF Core. Download the source code and play around to get a better understanding. Filters has a valid DateTime but it is applying an incompatible format when it calls SQL Server. public string PatientDOB { get; s Jul 08, 2016 · Since + is overloaded in DateTime which uses internal code to computation the new DateTime & there is no direct translation available in SqlServer. The implementation looks like this: private static readonly DateTime Epoch = new DateTime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, DateTimeKind. entity framework core datetime format

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